Advanced Dermatology is located at 1401 Harrodsburg Road, Suite C415 in the CHI St. Joseph

 Office Park Building in Building C,  across the street from St. Joseph Hospital.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Thursday 8:00 - 5:00

Friday 8:00 - 12:30

Patch Testing and Contact Dermatitis
Referral Center

Allergic contact dermatitis is an itchy rash caused by contacting substances to which the patient is allergic.  Many patients cannot pinpoint what is causing their rash.  Patch testing is a "needle-free" way to determine what substances are causing the rash. 

Dermatopathology Services

Advanced Dermatology's dermatopathology reference laboratory.  Outside physicians may send skin biopsy specimens for readings or second opinions by calling (859) 288-5004.


Skin Cancer and Cutaneous Surgery

Our specialists have extensive training in the evaluation and treatment of all types of skin cancer.  Treatments include surgical excision, electrodessication and curretage, cryodestruction, and other medical treatments.

Dr. Beard completed a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Patch Testing and Contact Dermatitis and remains an active member of the Mayo Clinic Contact Dermatitis Group (MCCDG).  Thus, our specialist team offers complete patch testing with access to the latest resources and information.